Arizona artists who promote Latinx/immigration issues. If you have any artists to add, please drop us a line at

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Cristina Cárdenas (B. 1957, Based in Tucson)
Jeff Falk
Francisco Enuf Garcia (Based in Phoenix)
Garcia's mural, Phoenix
FEG- Mural in Phoenix, AZ
Annie Lopez
Mónica Aíssa Martínez (Based in Phoenix)

Martin Moreno (Based in Phoenix)

Most of my work reflects a bicultural perspective, which was shaped by the Arizona and Mexico region, as well as the people living in that region. My work speaks to the Mexicano, the Chicano, the Latino/Hispanic, and the Gavacho. — Joe Ray

Joe Ray
Larry Yáñez (B. 1949, Based in Yuma)
LY -Cocina Jaiteca
LY -Cocina Jaiteca
FY- Pan Dulce for Breakfast
FY- Special Intentions to Our Lady of Guadalupe
FY- Special Intentions to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Frank Ybarra (Based in Scottsdale) (602) 908-0339
Marcus Zillion (B. 1972)

I explore abstraction and critiques of painting, leading to combinations of various genres of abstraction with graffiti, cartooning, anime, text, and methods of realism. As a product of contemporary American society, my work often deals with the fractal nature of this reality. My paintings take fragments of visual information, which are then ‘painted’ or ‘written’ as a sort of key to experiential reality. –Marcus Zillion

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