Recreated Rituals by Andrew Guerrero

What is the word Xicanx if not a reclamation of our roots

What is a carne asada if not a ritualistic gathering of kin

What is a party if not a collective healing space set to a spiritual song

What is East LA if not a modern village of Indigenous peoples

What are Dickies and Ben Davis clothing if not the regalia of tribal warriors

What is dark lipstick if not war paint for native women

What is corrido if not another tale in our sacred folklore

These rituals, spaces, and clothing were forcibly ripped from our collective memory

But we survived to recreate them. We are the opphans of a continent-wide genocide

And like any orphan, we attempt to build connections to the past…

We Resist by Recreating

Look out for Guerrero’s upcoming zine, Bangin on the System! 

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